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If you have questions or comments, please use the Contact Form instead of this form. This page is intended for content updates or new content requests ONLY!

Note to the requestor: 
If you want to send us updates or for new article requests that you want posted on the site, please follow the guidelines below-

1.  Please fill up the form and include as much detail as possible in the description area.
2.  Please upload any relevant pictures in the file upload section.  Please also make sure that the pictures you want to use have the best possible image resolution.  Its easier for us to reduce the resolution when needed.  Also, send us a picture of your scribbled design and upload it as an image so we can visually understand your request.
3.  Please PLAN AHEAD with your request-especially for new content, please allow us enough time (of at least 7 days) to work on your request.  Please avoid sending last minute requests.

Let us work together efficiently on this Ministry, please help us by following the guidelines above, so we can help you quicker with your requests.

Thank you very much.

To the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary…Honor and Glory!

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